Bookkeeping FAQ - Good Cents Bookkeeping Inc,
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Bookkeeping FAQ – Good Cents Bookkeeping Inc,

How does virtual bookkeeping work?

It’s easy. We promise.

The first step? Our signature onboarding phone call. This block of “getting-to-know-you-and-your-business” time is spent carefully, and methodically, helping you understand our process and helping us to understand YOURS.

During this time we go over your banking information, your current QuickBooks files, how to use your email system if we are providing you weekly bookkeeping services, how to transfer information to us, your expectations of team members, critical relationships you have with key vendors, customers, and employees, and a review of important financial deadlines and calendar dates.

What programs do you use?

We are QuickBooks experts. We use both the Mac and Windows version of the program (yep – we are a multi-platform, super techy office), and QuickBooks Online. Yes, we know there are other options out there, but we focus on what we do best. QuickBooks! QuickBooks! QuickBooks!

Do I need to buy the software?

The short answer? Maybe.

We can help you determine the right version of QuickBooks to use and whether you need to go out of pocket. Sometimes that is a one time software fee, sometimes it’s a monthly fee. Whatever the case, we help you make the decision on what is the right software to use for the long term.


It’s simple. You want peace of mind that only comes from working with a competent business and professional people. We are the right fit if you:

  • Don’t want to micromanage your bookkeeper
  • Enjoy working with skilled professionals
  • Want a long-term professional relationship
  • Want to work with people who are invested in your business as much as you are


Our pricing is straightforward.

We bill $95 an hour for bookkeeping services and charge by the minute using a professional time tracking software.

We charge $150-$175 an hour for training, troubleshooting, and accounting system design. The price is dependent upon the scope and complexity of the project.

There are minimum charges for all of our services: 3 hours per month for basic bookkeeping, 6 hours a month for our bookkeeping brilliance packages, and 3 hours for consulting work. Unused time cannot be rolled over from month to month.

Not sure what type of bookkeeping you need? Visit our service description page.

Want more information on our payment policies? Check this out.

Wow, I saw a bookkeeper on Craigslist that was a lot cheaper. Why so expensive?

We can’t say this nicely, but we know you appreciate tough love. There is NOTHING more expensive than a bad bookkeeper. Don’t believe us? Read this little article that Justine Lackey, the CEO of Good Cents, penned on bookkeeper embezzlement.

The truth is we are probably as time-efficient as humanly possible. But it is true; you can hire someone cheaper than us. But you will likely pay for twice as much time, and end up with shoddy work (with serious tax implications). When you hire Good cents you can trust you are dealing with a reputable business who will provide excellent, professional bookkeeping services.

Interested in our services? Get started now with a free consult.

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