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QuickBooks Training

How to Master Your Money

+ Grow a Financially THRIVING Business…

As a small business owner, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is your bookkeeping.

After all, you already have your hands full with sales & marketing, fulfillment, and the HUNDREDS of other tasks it takes to keep your business running.

Am I right?

As a bookkeeper for the past 20+ years, I know how frustrating financial tracking can be for entrepreneurs – particularly if you’re not yet ready to invest in HIRING someone to take it off your hands!

If You’re Like Most of My Clients,
You’re Probably SICK Of…

  • Feeling like you’re ‘BAD at money.’
  • Not knowing your expenses, profit, or other KEY financial numbers for your business.
  • Dreading tax time because you know it will take you DAYS to sort through everything you need to file on time.
  • Worrying you’re paying too much (or too little!) in taxes – and might get stuck with FINES or additional payments later.
  • Feeling like a FRAUD, because you can’t seem to get this critical area of your business sorted out.

The truth is, ANYONE can master money management.

(Even if you’re bad at math!!)

You just need a few simple skills to turn things around, and create a foundation for solid business GROWTH.

quickbooks online training 2017

Here’s What’s Possible When You Learn to
Manage Your Money LIKE A BOSS…

You’ll know exactly how much $$$ you’re making – and where it’s coming from.

Tax time will be a BREEZE. You’ll simply print your reports, plug them into your tax software – or hand them to your CPA – and you’re done! (Say goodbye to living rooms covered with receipts, and stress-fueled sleepless nights!)

You’ll feel financially empowered – armed with all the financial knowledge you need to DIY your books and run your biz like a true professional.

quickbooks training
quickbooks online training course

It’ll be EASY to input your data and balance your accounts, because you have rockin’ systems in place that are SIMPLE and stress-free.

You’ll SAVE money, because you won’t be getting hit with late fees, missed client payments, or other cash flow leaks that can seriously impact your bottom line.

You EARN MORE than ever before, because your decisions will be driven by accurate information about where you earn the most cash (and other key profitability metrics).

Sound like an absolute dream?

I promise you, this is absolutely possible – and it’s possible for YOU.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners go from financial MESS to MONEY MASTERY in a matter of weeks.

Now it’s your turn…


During this 5 module video course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up your streamlined bookkeeping system through QuickBooks Online.

Through simple, bite-sized tutorials, you’ll move at your own pace to gain a bird’s eye view of your finances – and gain the confidence to grow your biz to the next level.

This is the only QuickBooks Online training course of it’s kind. (Not even Intuit – the makers of QuickBooks – offers this kind of in-depth training!)

I’ve used this system to teach hundreds of entrepreneurs how to DIY their books, and now I’m here to show YOU how to do the same.

Look – I know you don’t want to be doing your own books forever.

The whole point of getting organized is so you can grow your business, and HIRE someone to take this off your hands!

That’s exactly what this course is designed to help you do.

Ready to dive in?

good cents clients

Virtual bookkeeping can seem challenging but Justine and her team have mastered their process; it’s efficient and easy! The financial piece of my business is now crystal clear which gives me peace of mind.



What’s So Rad About Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks Online is by far the best software for efficient, simplified, bookkeeping, it’s a household name for GOOD REASON.

But there is a learning curve!

Perhaps you’ve downloaded QuickBooks, opened it, gone @#*&#! and then shut it immediately, never to open it again.

That’s the blessing and curse of QuickBooks. It’s created for ANY SORT OF BUSINESS. That means you’ll probably only use about 20% of the tools for 80% of your work.

Which is why I make it a point to show you ONLY the tools you need as a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, or coach.

(No need to waste your time learning tools you’ll never use!)

Plus, I keep a playful attitude with everything I teach. No dry, boring, math lessons here!

What You’ll Learn…


Get yourself off to a good start. I’ll show you how to correctly setup your QuickBooks Online account from the very beginning. The number one reason I see entrepreneurs fail with their bookkeeping, is they don’t set it up right from the start. Save yourself hours of headache and get it right the first time!


I’ll show you how to sort through your financial data in all sorts of different ways, so you can truly see your business from every angle. Learn what percentage your business grew last year, what clients bring in the most dough, and where you could cut back spending. By having a firm grasp of your data, you can easily make solid business decisions based on cold, hard, facts!


Get yourself off to a good start. I’ll show you how to correctly setup your QuickBooks Online account from the very beginning. The number one reason I see entrepreneurs fail with their bookkeeping, is they don’t set it up right from the start. Save yourself hours of headache and get it right the first time!


I’ll show you how to connect your bank account, credit cards, and other kinds of account to your QuickBooks for easy reconciling and data importing. You can also hook up your payroll service or complete payroll through QuickBooks. I’ll even teach you how to make it possible to accept credit card payments from any mobile device and get your cash fast! QuickBooks makes managing your money simple, efficient, and super stress-free!


Learn how to tailor your QuickBooks Online system to your unique business. This will make your bookkeeping faster and easier to keep organized. Plus, by customizing your invoices and payment requests you’ll look even more professional and get clients to pay up with ease!


Learn how to build reports like the all important Profit and Loss, Open Invoices, Expenses by Vendor, Balance sheet and more. QuickBooks makes it extremely easy to pull data and create accurate, easy-to-read, reports for all your financial needs!


Spend LESS time doing your bookkeeping, fretting about money and worrying about your taxes. I’ll show you how to automate as much of the system as possible so you can spend more time growing your biz and crushing sales!

This content goes DEEP
but don’t you worry,
I keep things light and
along the way.

What’s Included?


Each video module contains 6-10 videos. Each video is under seven minutes long and I keep the information straightforward and easy to follow! I keep things short so you don’t waste time watching info you already know or that isn’t applicable to your biz. This course is all about learning QuickBooks Online easily and not wasting a brain cell on unnecessary info! ($2,000 value)


Each module contains an index that makes the videos easily searchable. Since you won’t be using some features on the daily or even every week, you might need to hop back and re-watch a video or two. I make it easy to find the exact info you need to re-learn without scrolling through hours of footage! ($50 value)


Have more questions? Well, I have answers! You’ll gain access to a private Facebook group reserved exclusively for members of this program. While you are encouraged to ask the group questions so everyone can benefit from the answer, I know money issues can be sensitive. Feel free to ask me privately and I will either answer you directly or address the group with an anonymized answer! ($600 value)

Package value $2,650 Your cost? $69

Are you ready to master your money and do your books like an absolute pro? Let’s go!

How To Get Started…

You work hard for your money, make it work hard for YOU! (It’s only fair, right?)

STEP 1: Click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button above.

STEP 2: You’ll be sent to a thank you.

STEP 3: Voila – you will get your free course – look out for a welcome email and access to your first video module. (You’ll receive access to all the training modules at once, so you can work through the content entirely at your own pace!)

After you complete the program you’ll be a QuickBooks Online Master and ready to completely DIY your own books!

Drama-Free Money Back Guarantee

Just in case you decide to come back at another time and pay for the course, I want you to know I absolutely stand behind my promises about my training. I’m so confident you’ll gain HUGE value from this course that if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund ALL your money, no questions asked.

This Course Might NOT Be For You If…

You sell physical products or own a brick and mortar biz. You’ll definitely benefit from what I teach, but there will be some features missing since these lessons are geared towards service based entrepreneurs; artists, coaches, creative professionals, information entrepreneurs, consultants.

You don’t want to do the work. This course is a DIY program. So if you’re not interested in maintaining your own bookkeeping system, this course isn’t going to do it for you. However, this leads me to my next point…

You want me to do your books. That’s great! I would be so happy to work with you and your biz. CLICK HERE to learn more about my bookkeeping services where we’ll do all the work for you!

how to use quickbooks online

A Little About Me…

Hello! I’m Justine Lackey.

Why do I care so much about bookkeeping? Well, I’ve been a bookkeeper for 20+ years, I’m a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor, and I’ve run my own bookkeeping business Good Cents Booking for about a decade. (Ok, you got me! I’m a total bookkeeping nerd!) Over the years, I’ve seen first hand how great bookkeeping can truly transform a business and make a gigantic difference to your bottom line!

From the age of 7, I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. I would spend hours playing behind the counter of my aunt’s deli, pretending I owned my own business while other kids played with dolls and ponies. (Not that there’s anything wrong with dolls and ponies!)

After I discovered my deep love for math and freaky, superhuman accounting skills, I started doing the books for an eclectic group of artists, fashion designers, musicians, non-profits, creative agencies, midwives, and even hedge funds in NYC. (A truly magical group of colorful characters!) This wide breadth of experience meant I gained a HUGE range of business and bookkeeping skills. I decided I could use these skills and reach more people if I started my own company. I did that back in 2008, and now I have a nice big team of employees working for me at Good Cents Headquarters located in Westchester, NY.

Over the years, Good Cents has become one of the nation’s premiere virtual bookkeeping companies. Our clients include some of America’s most successful artists and entrepreneurs and we continue to grow every year!

After seeing entrepreneurs ask similar questions day after day, I discovered there’s a HUGE knowledge gap when it comes to entrepreneurial bookkeeping, one that was seriously holding business owners back! Since not everyone can afford personalized bookkeeping services, I decided to create courses so ANY business owner could be empowered to DIY their books and help their dreams flourish.

But you know what that means? There’s ZERO excuse not to get your books in order! Before you sell another product or gain another email list member, you better kick your finances in gear. I’m here to have your back throughout the entire process.

Teaching and education have always been a big part of my business. I don’t just crunch the numbers, I’ve always taken the time to help my clients truly understand their finances. I’ve given lectures and workshops at The Penn Club, Savor the Success, In Good Company, Mom Gets a Business Conference, and on Women’s Money Radio. I’m also a contributor for one of the nation’s leading websites for women and money, DailyWorth.com.

These Other Big Time Businesses
Trust Good Cents Bookkeeping Services

good cents testimonials

Justine has been handling the books for my various entrepreneurial endeavors for years now. In addition to being the most trustworthy bookkeeper in the business, she truly cares about her clients, their wealth, and their well-being, and supporting Good Cents as a woman owned and operated business is just icing on the cake for me. She is the best of the best.



As an artist I want to focus on creating beautiful work that people remember. I don’t want to think about tax forms, bookkeeping, or QuickBooks any more than I have to. We began working with Good Cents in the year 2001, and they have done a fantastic job year after year.



Jessica RBK

As a busy fashion professional I want to hire talented people and not worry about anything after that. Good Cents has taken the task of bookkeeping off of my plate which saves me incredible amounts of time.



Reclaim Your Confidence and Say

GOODBYE to Money Shame For Good!

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