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About Good Cents Bookkeeping

Meet Our C.W.O Justine Lackey

Good Cents Bookkeeping Inc was formed in 2007, about 10 years after its founder, Justine Lackey, began her bookkeeping career in NYC.

Since inception, Good Cents has become of the nation’s premiere virtual bookkeeping companies. Our clients include some of America’s most successful artists, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

Good Cents become a leader in the bookkeeping industry by focusing on “an atmosphere of excellence” – providing consistent, reliable, excellent end results for our clients, and carefully curating and cultivating our ROCK STAR team.


We provide artists and entrepreneurs with bookkeeping services they can bank on. We want our clients to achieve financial freedom and stability and we work hard to make sure they achieve it.

You are going to fall in love with our services because we are:


Money is like medicine, you need to trust the person you are working with.


We communicate regularly and promptly with our clients. And we have real phones with real people sitting at them and we encourage you to CALL us.

Tech Savvy

Our bang-up, rock-star, awesome virtual bookkeeping system works because we are a process heavy office. Our clients don’t see it (or feel it) but there are a lot of cogs and wheels whirling back here to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way.

Extremely Professional

Our client experience is superior because we take our professionalism very, very, very seriously. Did we mention we take it very seriously?

Kind & Compassionate

We get it – finances, money, taxes, profits and the rest of it can be sometimes scary and emotionally loaded. Our team is patient and knowledgeable, and life is better when you have great people on your side.

Highly Skilled

Bookkeeping, accounting, and client management is a very specific set of skills. We have spent a decade building a virtual bookkeeping system that works.


Justine Lackey the founder of Good Cents Bookkeeping has over 18 years of experience working with small businesses, freelancers and artists and their money. Our staff members collectively have an additional fifteen years. You get to tap into all that juicy expertise when you become part of our client family.

That’s great. Good Cents has skill “bling” but how is that going to help me and my business?

When you hire us you:

Good-Cents-Bookkeeping-FaviconFree up valuable brain space you currently use worrying about money, taxes, and bookkeeping

Good-Cents-Bookkeeping-FaviconHave more time…time you can use selling and marketing your services and products and making more money

Good-Cents-Bookkeeping-FaviconLearn to look at your numbers regularly – something most business owners avoid because they avoid bookkeeping all together

Good-Cents-Bookkeeping-FaviconRelax and gain better workflow. When you know you have a team of skilled professionals on your side handling BIG DEAL details like making sure you are staying on top of taxes, your life totally changes

Good-Cents-Bookkeeping-FaviconLearn to master your cashflow so you can better manage tax payments, savings, and plugging profit leaks.

Interested in our services? Take a look at all that we offer.


Justine Lackey spent the better part of a decade developing and honing a unique virtual bookkeeping system which works. The four step process is the cornerstone of the “Good Cents Bookkeeping” signature service model – professional, full service, monthly and weekly bookkeeping services.

  • 1. COMPILE

    Compile the information. We get information (i.e. bank statements, credit card statements, etc) from our clients a variety of ways. Its uploaded by the client to our secure server, Good Cents is granted “bookkeeper access” through your banking web site and we download the information, or if you aren’t techy we have a real, live commercial office you can mail documents to.

  • 2. ENTER

    We enter all of your transaction activity into QuickBooks. Each account is balanced and reconciled, a critical and often overlooked piece of the accounting process.

  • 3. REVISE

    We send you preliminary financial reports for you to proofread and revise. This essential piece allows the client and the bookkeeper to “triple check” all the data entry for accuracy. It also helps our clients to understand the “nitty gritty” of their cash flow.


    Once revisions are complete, finalized reports are uploaded to our server. Working with us gives you a complete and securely stored financial archive in one convenient place. Share it with your accountant, your financial advisor or other members of your team with the click of a button.



Justine Lackey

Founder & Chief Wealth Officer

Justine Lackey has been crunching numbers and helping entrepreneurs master the art of small business for nearly two decades. She loves the arts, fashion, music, entertaining friends and family, writing and reading voraciously.

Justine is extremely grateful her career has allowed her to work with so many talented people, across a wide spectrum of industries. Her clients include artists, art dealers and galleries, designers, choreographers, fashion royalty, coaches, consultants, creative agencies, midwives, nonprofits, and even hedge funds. Her breadth of experience has given her an incredible array of business and bookkeeping skills.

Justine has given workshops, lectures and hosted panels at The Penn Club, Savor the Success, In Good Company, Mom Gets a Business Conference, and on Women’s Money. You can find her media kit here.


Amy Wichman

Senior Bookkeeper

Amy has an MBA in finance and a colorful resume working in the financial services industry. The mother of two children, Amy left the corporate world and New York City to raise her family in the suburbs of Westchester. She has been with Good Cents Bookkeeping since 2009 and enjoys working in our family friendly office. Amy is a wonderful asset to Ossining’s local community and schools – volunteering a huge amount of time to the PTA and various school activities.


Vanessa Rivera

Administrative Genius

Vanessa Rivera is our resident administrative genius. With a ten year history helping couture fashion companies manage their finances, she joined our team several years ago. Vanessa leads our client onboarding process, and ensures their happiness during their tenure as part of the Good Cents family.  Vanessa’s volunteer activities are wide, varied and generous. They include working as an in classroom parent volunteer for her children’s cooperative preschools, and endlessly crafting Etsy worthy goodies for fundraisers.


Laura Ryan

Associate Bookkeeper

Laura has worked as an analyst for the NYS Gaming Commission for many years. She quelled her insatiable interest in accounting by joining the Good Cents team in 2014 (okay….maybe insatiable is a little much, but you catch our drift). Laura is an incredibly detailed and dedicated bookkeeper.. She is originally from Westchester County, NY, and holds a BS from SUNY Oneonta. She loves the outdoors and recently became a certified yoga instructor (word is the Tree Pose is her favorite).


Gina Giordano


Gina started with Good Cents as a shy high school intern with Good Cents over four years ago but we’ve turned her into an absolute rockstar. She is now set to graduate Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT, in record time (less than four years!) with a bachelor in accounting. Gina leads many of our large retroactive bookkeeping projects, the biggest one spanned over ten years. Gina is a certified tax preparer with the Internal Revenue Service and an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor. She’s also a gymnast, and we have absolutely flipped over her natural talents as a bookkeeper and a leader.


Dayanna Rios


Dayanna joined the Good Cents team in the Fall of 2015 as an honors student in the Ossining High School entrepreneurship program. Before she graduated high school, she racked up several big achievements including becoming a IRS Certified Tax Preparer and an Intuit Certified Online ProAdvisor (who says millenials are lazy?). Dayanna has a prenatural understanding of accounting, and is able to solve complex bookkeeping problems that would even impress the most seasoned pro. As a student entering the acclaimed Zicklin Schools of Business at Baruch in the Fall of 2016, we look forward to her teaching us a thing or two in here at Good Cents HQ.


Laura Trewhella

Associate Bookkeeper

Laura climbed the career ladder, in several divisions in corporate America for twenty plus years. She rounded out her career working for a gigantic publisher in their human resources department. Laura comes from a long legacy of entrepreneurs and successful business people – she was delegated the honorable job of being the bookkeeper for family businesses even when she was working her 9-5 corporate gigs. She brings a lot of sass and smarts to the Good Cents team (that might be because she is a Jersey girl!). The corporate gig wasn’t so bad though – she met the love her life at her former company. They now share a love of travel, golf, spending summers at the Jersey shore, caring for their dogs, and watching their now-adult children develop their own lives and careers. 


Interested in our services? Get started now with a free consult.

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