Good Cents Bookkeeping Inc was founded by Justine Lackey in 2009. Leaders in the virtual bookkeeping industry, Good Cents is a woman-owned business that provides client-centered bookkeeping services to thriving small businesses across the United States. 

We work exclusively with service-based businesses; our clients range from artists, creative professionals, coaches, to Internet marketers and consultants. Our goal is to provide an “atmosphere of excellence” for our team and our clients.

As early adopters, Good Cents' passion for technology has helped our firm to operate at top efficiency and positions us as a leader in the accounting industry. 

Driven by a passion for technology, Good Cents prides itself on being early adopters of new software, apps, and platforms. This allows our firm to run at top efficiency while positioning us as leaders in the accounting industry. Our team focuses on learning, growth and respect (and also fun!).

This environment provides an outstanding customer experience for our clients – we deliver impeccable bookkeeping, communicate clearly and quickly, and deeply respect our clients as business owners. 

As an organization we believe work/life balance is an attainable goal achievable through teamwork and great communication. By combining their creativity, technical know-how and problem solving skills, Team GCB delivers the most effective services to our clients. Our operations are 100% remote, with flexibility in scheduling and an environment that encourages professional growth and development. We continually invest in our team members and their skills through continued training and education.



about the position:

This person’s primary goal is to provide support to the accounting and bookkeeping team of Good Cents Bookkeeping. You nurture our clients through their individualized weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly bookkeeping processes. 

You help our team manage the many moving parts of their clients and their businesses. This begins with workflow design, continues with implementation, and ends with making sure processes and systems are documented, and recorded.

You function as the navigator, making sure each team member is on the right track, and helping our clients get to where they want to go. 

You are the eyes and ears of the founder, Justine Lackey. You help her stay assured that everything is moving forward with ease, clients are being served with white-glove, high level service. You have a high sense of intuition, can see blindspots and call them out, tune-in when team members are struggling, and when clients might be less than satisfied.


  • Meeting regularly with bookkeepers to review books and client systems
  • Cross-checking tasks in our project management system to make sure they have been completed
  • Regular reviews with bookkeepers to make sure all client systems are documented in a video format
  • Keeping project management system tidy with standard file names, deleting obsolete files
  • Meeting with leadership team weekly to discuss current projects and ongoing retainer clients
  • Touching base with clients quarterly to ensure happiness and find avenues where we can provide more services
  • Keeping client templates up to date (onboarding letters and instructions, online banking access instructions etc)
  • Onboarding new clients when Bookkeeping Services Director is unavailable


  • Create and maintain SOPs for any client specific processes
    Process mapping and diagramming 
  • Making short, succinct videos on any complex accounting workflows
  • Suggesting and creating new documents and systems when there is a need
  • Making sure client accounts, and account, numbers are updated in QuickBooks and project management
  • Assisting leadership


The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • 3 – 5 years of experience working in a bookkeeping or accounting firm OR have a strong background in accounting/bookkeeping
  • 3-5 years documented project management experience
  • You LOVE systems – organization is your middle name. Your passion is making order out of chaos, making sure the trains run on time, and keeping things tidy. 
  • A strong ability to manage multiple responsibilities
  • A passion and aptitude for technology including problem solving, troubleshooting, and being an “early adopter” 
  • Incredibly high follow-through. You have high standards and mediocre is not a word in your vocabulary. You love lists and details. 
  • A helpful disposition – it’s crucial you be 100% driven by a powerful and positive client experience 
  • You have the ability to use: Google Calendar & G Suite, Zoom.
  • Experience with TeamWork a plus
  • The ability to untangle, and solve, complex accounting processes
  • The ability to speak up when processes aren’t working and present solutions to help us recalibrate workflows
  • Highly organized and able to anticipate the next steps or questions that may arise 
  • A high level of professionalism and emotional maturity.
  • You must be a self-starter with the ability to be productive from your home office. 
  • Uses good judgement to act in the best interest of the organization and as a representative of the organization to employees, clients and vendors
  • You’re invested in becoming the best you can be and excited to work with a fun lovin’ team who’s happy to help you get there!
  • Responsive and communicative. You know how to close the loop and confirm assignments are received and completed.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills


Please submit a resume and writing sample on your favorite pastime, hobby, artist, musician or author. Both documents must be sent in a PDF and email to careers@goodcentsbookkeeping.com with the subject line “Project Manager.”


All resumes will be reviewed and candidates will be contacted for a brief phone interview. Second interviews will be held in person and full background checks will be completed. Final candidates will be invited to work on a per diem basis for 1-2 weeks to make sure skill and personality set are a fit for our office. Signing a confidentiality and non-compete agreement are required prior to hiring.