QuickBooks Training Course
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Welcome to Good Cents Bookkeeping
QuickBooks Online Training.

Course Outline

M1 V1 Introduction to QuickBooks Online Interface

Learn all about the general navigation of QuickBooks Online, including the home screen, side bar menus, QuickCreate button, and the gear icon

M1 V2 About that Data Integrity

Learn why data integrity and consistency is critical to keeping a great set of books

M1 V3 Customer, Vendor and Employee Menus

Learn how to navigate the Customer, Vendor, and Employee areas of QBO. This module also covers how to add customers, vendors, employees and search all transactions associated with those names

M1 V4 Transaction Menu, the Banking Feed, and Categorizing Transactions

Learn about the Transaction Menu & it’s submenus. This video will show you how to connect your bank to QuickBooks online and categorize transactions as they stream into QBO from your bank(s)

M1 V5 Report and Sales Tax Menu

Learn general overview of the reports available in QBO, learn about the Sales Tax menu and the sales tax feature in QBO

M1 V6 The Quick Create Button

Learn about the Quick Create button and the different submenus: Customers, Vendors, Employees & Other

M1 V7 The Gear Icon and Settings Menus

Learn about the gear icon, your settings, uploading your company logo, billing, setting your accounting method, tracking classes and locations, setting up your automation feature

M2 V1 Welcome Video

Learn the fundamentals of setting up QBO correctly

M2 V2 Chart of Accounts Overview

Learn about the Chart of Accounts and how to set it up properly, review of different types of accounts

M2 V3 Setting Up A New Account

Learn how to set up a new account, about different account types, how to use parent and subaccounts. See how a proper Chart of Accounts set up can impact your financial reports.

M2 V4 Conclusion and Review of Tips

Review major takeaways including data integrity and consistency, Chart of Accounts, and banking feed.

M3 V1 Review of Customer Database

Review of Customer database, elements of a contact record, how to create a new customer, and how to see a customer’s transaction history.

M3 V2 Setting up Products and Services

Learn about products and services, how to set them up, how they impact your invoices, and your financial reports

M3 V3 Generating an Invoice

How to generate an invoice, emailing an invoice, see what an emailed invoice looks like to your customers

M4 V1 Setting Up Merchant Services

Setting up Intuit’s merchant services

M4 V2 Receiving Payments & Making Deposits

Learn how to receive payments if your client hasn’t used Intuit’s merchant services, making deposits, using undeposited funds

M4 V3 Undeposited Funds and Receiving Payments

Learn all about the undeposited funds feature and the most common mistake I see DIY bookkeepers make. Additionally learn how to receive payments.

M5 V1 Reports Overview

Learn about the reports menu, understand the most basic reports in QBO

M5 V2 Deep Dive into Reports Menus

Learn about all of the different major reports sections of QBO: Business Overview, Review Sales, Manager Accountants Receivable & Payable, Manage Sales Tax, Review Expenses and Purchases

M5 V3 QBO’s Most Useful Reports

Learn about Justine Lackey’s favorite and most recommended QuickBooks Online reports including the Profit and Loss

M5 V4 Customizing Reports in QBO

Learn how to tweak date ranges, fonts, headers, footers, colors, and memorize reports that you use often

M5 V5 Congratulations YOU are a QBO Master

Closing video of QuickBooks Online Mastery Course

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