Services - Good Cents Bookkeeping, Inc.
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Do you want to know how Good Cents can help you take the pain out of bookkeeping and small business financial management? We can help you stop feeling frantic, disorganized, and lost when it comes to your business’ financial health. Watch this quick video to find out how.

Are you ready to hand over your bookkeeping to a company which  is trustworthy, professional and highly skilled? Justine Lackey, the president of Good Cents Bookkeeping has over fifteen years of experience in the bookkeeping business.

She has developed and honed a unique system which is the cornerstone of Good Cents Bookkeeping, Inc’s signature service model, monthly bookkeeping services.

The Four Step Process:

1. Compile
2. Enter
3. Revise
4. Finalize

Step One: Each month you upload your financial documents to our secure server. Alternatively, if your bank provides “bookkeeper access” you can send us login information and we can download the information for you. Not “techy?” Snail mail your documents to us!

Step Two: We enter all of your transaction activity into QuickBooks. Each account is balanced and reconciled, a critical and often overlooked piece of the accounting process.

Step Three: We send you preliminary financial reports for you to proofread and revise. This essential piece allows the client and the bookkeeper to “triple check” all the data entry for accuracy. It also helps our clients to understand the “nitty gritty” of their cash flow.

Step Four: Once revisions are complete, finalized reports are uploaded to our server. Working with us gives you a complete and securely stored financial archive in one convenient place. Share it with your accountant, your financial advisor or other members of your team with the click of a button.

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