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My friends, exactly what IS a virtual bookkeeper? Is it different than a “regular” bookkeeper? Why should one use a virtual bookkeeper versus a “regular” bookkeeper”?

Review: What does a bookkeeper do?

You might have heard me say this once (or a 1,000 times before) a bookkeeper helps track all of the financial transactions in a business… from money owed (invoices) to money spent (expenses), to everything in between.

Bookkeepers compile a business’s financial activity and help business owners keep their financial records organized. Bookkeepers can also help business owners make decisions about how much to pay themselves (and others) and make educated decisions about their company’s financial health. They can also set up systems to pay bills that optimize savings and keep cash flowing smoothly through a business. 

So, what IS a virtual bookkeeper?

 A virtual bookkeeper is someone (or a company, like Good Cents!) that does all of that….but remotely.

Virtual bookkeepers like Good Cents can work for small businesses anywhere in the country. We have team members in our home state of New York as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. 

Why should you choose a virtual bookkeeper over someone who might come to your office?

Most virtual bookkeepers work remotely by using apps and cloud-based software (like QuickBooks Online). Modern technology now allows businesses of all sizes to have the same access to quality bookkeeping without having to hire a full-time onsite bookkeeper.  

When you choose to work with someone virtually, a lot of their work happens “behind the scenes.” In short, it means you don’t need to make an appointment or spend hours on a zoom call overseeing their work. 

Here at Good Cents we’ve spent many years refining and honing our “bookkeeping on autopilot” model that our clients love. 

Also, by choosing to work with a virtual bookkeeper – the world is your oyster! Recall the golden rule of choosing a bookkeeper: you want to find a good fit, and you’re more likely to find the right person if you look in a larger pool of candidates. When you hire a virtual bookkeeper, you have more people to choose from! 

Remember, trusting the person managing your money is extremely important — you need to feel very, very good about it. 

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